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So you have decided to get a Bengal Cat...or at least you are considering it.  You have asked yourself if...

You know why you want a new pet and you have time for it. 

You have settled down from your travel or work and are ready to spend good quality time training and playing with your new Bengal. 

You are allowed to have pets where you live and you have checked to be sure that Bengals are legal in the state where you live.  (You are not planning to move to Hawaii anytime soon.) 

You know a reliable pet sitter, family and friends who will look after your new pet, if you have to go out of town or you are planning to include your pet in your travels. 

You are ready to be responsible to keep your kitty indoors, on a leash or in a carrier at all times. 

You are committed to feeding your new Bengal a proper diet and seeking excellent veterinary care when needed.

Now you just need to find the right breeder. 

A purebred, registered cat doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a well-bred, healthy cat with a good temperament, but responsible breeders strive for those things and more. 

Most refer to themselves as “hobby breeders” meaning that they do it for the love of the breed rather than to make money. 

They take their cats to shows where their cats are compared to other members of the breed and are judged based upon the breed standard. 

A good breeder pursues Championship titles, screens for health issues, provides proper pre- and post-natal care, vaccinates and socializes kittens. 

They feed a premium diet and supplement when needed.   They understand genetics and strive to further the breed. 

They plan their litters in advance and sell kittens under contracts that include a health guarantee and a clause that takes responsibility for the future of the kitten.

Here are some questions to ask to help you determine if you have found a good breeder:

Are you a registered breeder? Do you have a TICA cattery registration number? 

This number can be confirmed on the TICA website.  Most Bengal cat breeders register with TICA (it establishes legitimacy and confirms lineages and is the first US registry to include Bengal cats)

Are you a member of TIBCS? 

They may also be a member of TIBCS (It hold breeders to a higher standard of care and as a group we stay informed of cutting edge logistics and health care while we work to further the breed as a whole.) 

Do you have a contract?  

Hopefully, the breeder has considered all of things that are in the best interest of the kitten and put it in a contract.  A written contract outlines the agreement fully and can help clarify the details.  Don’t be surprised if you see contracts that include clauses for such things as “no declawing” or “must live indoors”.  Consider that the breeder cares about the home the kitten is going into and wants the best for them.  If you ask, the breeder should have no problem providing the contract for you to review ahead of time.

Do you have a Health Guarantee?   And what type of Health Screening do you do? And are you still in contact with the owners of your Bengals to follow up on any heath concerns that could develop?

I would not buy a cat without a health guarantee.  Breeders should be screening their cats for HCM, as well as, FIV and FELV among others.  They should be wormed and come with the first set of immunizations.  They should keep up with any health issues that arise in kittens.

If cats are found to have Feline Hip Dysplasia, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), luxating patella (slipping knees) or other genetic conditions, they should be removed from the breeding program and spayed or neutered.  Additionally, the breeder should monitor developments in the lines that they breed from.

We are proud to be the first cattery in Atlanta to do HCM screenings and through careful screening have not had any cases of it to this day.  These days our cat club hosts HCM screening clinics that are affordable and leave no excuse for not screening.

Do you conduct an interview with perspective new owners to help determine if they will be able to meet the requirements of your contract and to see if they are a good fit for a new Bengal? 

It is important for a breeder to determine if a new pet owner will be able to meet the requirements of the contract and to see if they are a good fit for a new Bengal?  We talk to perspective owners on the phone and then in person where they can ask us tons of questions and we can do the same.  We want to make sure that our kittens are going to loving homes who are ready for a Bengal

Are you willing to spend time educating new owners and mentoring new breeders? 

 Understanding how to encourage the behavior that you would like from your kitten goes a long way towards a well adjusted kitten.  We should all know by now that hands are not toys and that a kitten who misbehaves should never be hit, but there are so many other good practices that can help you and your kitten to bond and have a great relationship.   With a good relationship with your breeder, answers to your questions should be an email or phone call away.  We are always open to questions.

How many litters of kittens do you have a year?  How do you socialize and train your kittens?  How much time do you spend with each individual kitten? Are they raised in your home? 

There are different ways to raise kittens, but we have chosen to be a small in home breeder, because we have seen and feel that it is the best way to do it. Our kittens are born in our home and handled for a large part of every single day.  Each kitten has their own time with us, when we stretch them out and give them our undivided attention.  They are handled by children and adults.  They have their own toys and usually develop and affinity to a certain kind of toy.    At 4 weeks they start litter box training and at 7-8 weeks we introduce them to our family dog.  We keep them with their mom as long as possible, to boost their immune systems and so that she can teach them good hygiene and how to play gently with other kittens. Kittens are often held 10-14 weeks before going to their new homes.  Responsible breeders often have waiting lists for their kittens.  Don’t let haste keep you from finding your well-bred kitten.

Can I come out and see your kittens? 

This is probably the most important question.  You can tell a lot by visiting a person's home/cattery.  For instance, it should be clean and not have an overpowering smell of litter boxes.  Cats should be healthy and well-fed.  There should be enough space and time to care for and socialize kittens.  Also, you need to be able to see that the kittens are happy, friendly and not afraid.  Temperament is not something you can see online or in emails. Because it is their home, they will probably be cautious about giving their address out over the internet.

Do you have a provision in your contract that allows for the return of the cat or kitten should the new owner not be able to keep it? 

 Pets are for life and shouldn't be thought of as returnable...but there should be some provision that keeps a new owner from dropping their cat off at a shelter.

We would be happy to discuss any of these questions or any other Bengal questions with you.


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Belrouge Bengals raises purebred registered bengal cats.  We are members of TIBCS,  TICA and TICA Registered Online Breeders.  Are you looking for a cat or a kitten?  A show quality, breeder, or pet? Would you like spots, rosettes?  Bengals can be charcoal brown , rosetted, spotted, brown spotted, silver, seal lynx point, seal mink and seal sepia.  We only breed for show quality accepted colors and patterns.   Genetics can be quite interesting, but we have been fortunate to be able to specialize in spotted and rosetted bengals.  Although we do have a few marble every once in a while.  We like our spots to look like leopard cats and Asian leopard cats... Leopard spots are so beautiful on a cat. Browse our website for price, pictures and photos of cats, cat names and all kinds of other interesting Bengal info.  We are close enough to drive in  for a visit from Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, and North Mississippi.

We are a TIBCS and TICA registered Cattery located in Atlanta, GA and online at We have silver, snow(seal lynx) and brown leopard spotted Bengal kittens from the best lines. Raised in our home, sold with current vaccinations, certified pedigree and written contract with 3 year health guarantee.               Georgia Bengal Cat

We are a TIBCS cattery and have TICA registered  They are purebred, registered cats.  We do not breed cats with questionable backgrounds or without certified pedigrees.  Health and temperament are top priorities for our purebred kittens. The cats we have for sale are only of the highest quality.  We voluntarily comply with all of the TICA and TIBCS cattery recommendations.  These little lap leopards are bred from SGC lines in Atlanta, Georgia.  ( GA )   

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Belrouge Bengals raises purebred registered cats.  We are members of TIBCS,  TICA and TICA Registered Online Breeders.  Are you looking for a cat or a kitten, breeder, spotted, rosette?  We have  TICA, TIBCS,, purebred, registered  at our cattery.   Breeder, show cat and pet purebreds for sale in  leopard in atlanta, georgia. Here is a list of rosette l-cat, spotted cat  kitties for sale, spotted cat sacramento,  pelham, rosette, leopard,  CA charcoal, rosette, spotted cattery, breeder, show cat, SGC, brown spotted, rosetted, silver, seal lynx point, seal mink. seal sepia,  These genetics, leopard cats, Asian leopard cats, Leopard spots, kitty, purebred, pictures of cats,, bengalcats, purebred, tabby, and spotted cats. Beautiful Kittens are bred by Breeders. We have  Kittens for Sale.     Bengal Breeder breeds bangal spotted cat  Kitten year round,  Breeder of silver  and brown spotted cat, Bengal kitty.  Breeders in the South East have Available. The most beautiful kitties are bred by Breeders and at cattery.   Spotted cats.  Buy a purebred leopard spotted bengal cat in Atlanta, Georgia foothill peachtree.  See a cat and her kitten s at the breeders home in Atlanta, Georgia.  Rosetted and leopard spotted cats for sale.  We are members of TICA and TIBCS purebred, registered  xmas kitten, brown, snow silver, kittes for sale in Atlanta, Georgia ( GA )

In Georgia, we are a close drive from  Lawreenceville, Dunwoody, Decatur, Marietta , Roswell, Sandy Springs, Gainesville, Duluth, Chamblee, Fayetteville, Macon, Dekalb, Fulton, Gwinett, Douglasville, North Atlanta, Buckhead,, Pelham, Montgomery, Augusta, Columbus, SC,  GA, Alabama, South Carolina,  Norcross, Smyrna, South Georgia, South Carolina, North Georgia, North Carolina, Savannah, Savana, GA, TN, AL, NC, SC, MS, East Tennessee etc.  Mississippi is only four hours drive.  We recommend that you go and visit your kitty if at all possible.  We are located in Atlanta, Georgia, but we can ship if needed.  We are about 45 minutes from the Atlanta airport.  Did I mention that we are members of TICA and  TIBCS?

While here...Check out our page on seal lynx snow babies and try our link to the international cat association - TICA .  Bella is a Grand Champion. and she is for sale as an alter not a breeder.  Her dad is SGC Americkatzocelli Cloud of Starbengal, first ever "Silver Supreme Grand Champion".   Leila descends from IWRW SGC Bridlewoods License to Thrill.  Have you seen out fabulous silver boy Stud named Eddie and his sons the "wild Boys"? When the cat's away the mice will play.  A cat on  hot tin roof is not a bengal.  SGC, TICA, TIBCS and I-CAT  are three kitty acronyms.

Beautiful Bengal Kittens are bred by Bengal Breeders who care about the betterment of the breed. Absolutely beautiful purebred TICA registered Bengal kittens from Supreme Grand Champion lines come from Small, in home catteries.  Socialization and health comes first.  Brown and silver spotted kittens both make wonderful family pets. Show alters can be shown at cat shows.  Our kittens are raised around other cats, dogs, and children.  Socialization is very important to us so we handle each kitten many times each day.  They play in groups and have one on one time with us.  We take them out to get the mail and to Blockbuster.  They go for car rides.   All cats come with a written contract that includes a three year health guarantee. Kittens come with current shots and have been wormed.  Kittes usually go to their new homes between 10 and  14 weeks of age. Prices start at $850 and up  depending on quality of the specific kitten.   Each litter is better than litters in the past, because we breed to make the best B engal ca ts possible and we keep only the best most healthy and cutting edge kittens for our breeding stock.