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Snow Bengal Pictures for further


What is a Snow Bengal?

The three main types of Snow Bengals are:  Seal Lynx Point, Seal Sepia and  Seal Mink.  They all carry a version of the albino gene that is commonly found in other species to produce white features with pink eyes.  However, snow Bengals do not have pink eyes, which is like leucistic animals, who have albino whiting traits and  normally colored eyes.  All Bengals are born with blue eyes, but the seal lynx point is special, in that it will always have blue eyes.

  • The Seal Lynx Point "Snow" Bengal carries the recessive color point gene that comes from the Siamese cat. It is born with striking blue eyes, that they will have even as an adult.  At birth, it's feet are pink and there seems to be no underlying spot or marbling pattern.  As the cat grows, the feet darken to a rosy brown or black color and the spots or marbling pattern, become faintly visible and then darker and more contrasted.  Hints of the cats coat pattern can be seen as early as week one.  The pattern usually begins to show up in the hot spots or extremities of the cat first.  It's final background color is somewhere between white and ivory and the overall pattern should be as dark as the point color.

EYES: All Seal Lynx Point Snow Bengals have bright blue eyes.  They are unique among bengals for this.

Here are some pictures Seal Lynx Point Bengals during their first 8 weeks of life:

2 days
(Lynx point spotted)
BelRouge Vanilla Bean Latte    
Breeder: BelRouge Bengals
2 weeks (Lynx point spotted)      BelRouge Vanilla Bean Latte               Breeder: BelRouge Bengals 3 weeks (Lynx point spotted)
BelRouge Vanilla Bean Latte
Breeder: BelRouge Bengals

7 weeks (Lynx point marble)     BelRouge Espresso Forte                   Breeder: BelRouge Bengals 8 weeks                                                                                                  BelRouge Vanilla Bean Latte(Lynx point spotted)                                                 BelRouge Espresso Forte (Lynx point marble)                                                   Breeder: BelRouge Bengals
  • The Seal Sepia "Snow" Bengal carries a Burmese gene, rather than the color point gene, and it is genetically different from the lynx point.  It is born sepia colored with visible pattern developing in shades of even darker seal sepia to dark seal sepia with ivory whiskers and chin coloring.  Although it's pattern can be evident when it is born, it may not be too dark and it usually becomes more contrasted as it gets older.  It is considered the darkest of the snow Bengals.  It's eyes turn gold/amber or gold/green.  It is preferred to have more depth and richness to the eye color.  Their paw pads are brown, but can have some rosy undertones.  The tip of the tail is dark sepia brown.


  • The Seal Mink "Snow" Bengal carries both the sepia's Burmese gene and the lynx point's color point gene.  It is born light ivory color with visible pattern developing in medium brown shades of seal mink on an ivory background, with ivory whiskers and chin coloring. It's eyes are green/aqua, green or green/gold.


As an added note: With DNA testing available it is possible to know for certain if a cat carries for one of the types of snow or not and for which one they carry.   Frosted and silver kittens have been born into the above three categories.  The introduction of currently unrecognized colors into the lines will probably have some effect on classifications, as well.  

UC Davis and A&M both do genetic testing which can be provide further insight into a particular cats DNA.  In order to breed for or away from snow Bengals or a specific kind of snow Bengal, it is helpful to have extensive knowledge of the sire's and dam's pedigree as well as DNA testing.  To produce a snow Bengal both parents must have a snow Bengal in their lineage.  Our queens Kalanikats Bella of BelRouge, BelRouge Vanilla Bean Latte and BelRouge Cesium Explosion all carry the color point gene. 

In any case, for all snows, extreme contrast between the light background and the markings, which make the pattern sharp and distinct, is desirable, but the point color is not to be darker than the markings on the rest of the body.  You can read more about the breed standards here. This is Bean below at 12 weeks and at 10 months, she is a Seal Lynx Snow.

Do you have questions about bengals?  I may not know the answer, but I would be glad to try to find out for you.  Email me at

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